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Frej and Pigmon (owner: Mioko Minoura, Japan)




Nori for PONS ?


     Nori , a type of seaweed found in Asian cuisine is available in many health food stores, Amazon.com and upscale supermarkets.. Because of it's benefits, consumption of nori is increasing, and it is  natural that  PON Lovers might evaluate it's benefits for their family PONS.

 Nori is high in protein and low in fat which makes it an excellent treat option for PONS who tend to put on weight easily. The small amount of fat it contains is mostly omega-3 fat which makes nori and other seaweeds a practical choice for omega-3 fat supplementation. Fish, flax, and vegetable oils are still the best source for omega-3. Nori has high levels of vitamins and minerals and a small amount may be added to dog food.

  There is no research on the health benefits of nori for dogs, but studies have found that rats fed a diet high in cholesterol and nori had a significantly lower degree of fat deposits in their livers than rats fed the high-cholesterol diet without nori.
Unfortunately, nori may contain  high levels of heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic because of seawater pollution, therefore it is best to limit the amount of nori you offer to your PON. Make sure that you consult your family veterinarian on a regular basis .

  Nori improves the quality of fur, makes a dog more alert and contributes to improved better health.  Many show dogs have diets supplemented with Nori seaweed. In summary, the jury is out on supplementing Nori because of pollution risks. Please consult your vet about pros and cons.