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November, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



I just read an article which stated that cooked food causes allergies. Really ?

Please consider the qualifications of both the author of that article and the folks who published it.  Do they also believe in the tooth fairy ?




My breeder is angry with me for not following her advice to feed raw. What should I do ? 


 Consult your family vet for diet advice. Ideally you should have discussed diet before purchasing your puppy.




Some PON owners back off when I tell them about my approach to health and diet. Why can't they accept my views ? I have been in the breed for many years.


It depends on whether you attempt to pressure them or quietly explain your position on these issues. How often do you update your knowledge of canine care ? Do you ever research the qualifications of your sources?



Although the breed comes from Poland, I would like to give my own PON an American name. Is that okay ?


Sure, why not ? After all, you are the owner !





PON Facts

Your Senior PON needs daily exercise to keep him happy and healthy. Don't overdo it and take rests every so often during walks.