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Flinkbein kennel, Finland






November, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !





I am new in the breed and would love to show my Pon but notice he is favors one side over the other when he walks. Can I still show him ?

Have you consulted your breeder ? Your breeder can offer the best advice. In most cases, you can still show your PON.



Although I comb my PON through at least twice a week, she still has mats. Someone told me not to try and comb out her fur when it is dry. Is this valid advice ?



Generally, that was a good tip. When you blow dry your PON's fur after washing it, you need to apply conditioner to it .



Is it true that PONS sense your moods ?


PONS are extremely sensitive to the moods of their owners and try to comfort them if they believe they are depressed, hurt,etc.


I would like to become more active in dog activities but have a tight budget. Advice??


Why not post on PON Politics list and ask fellow PON owners for advice. You should also consider doing therapy with your PON.





PON Advice

Inspect your PON's paws after returning from long walks.