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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog













October, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



It seems as though certain owners keep complaining over and over again about their PON being itchy. What would you suggest ?

Those owners need to do their own independent research, keep a daily journal and switch away from kibble.




Why do certain PONS tend to get into trouble and chew on their owners clothing ? 


I would tend to look more at the way that owners run their households. Have they "pon-proofed" their homes or do they  leave undergarments available for their PONS to grab and chew.




Why do many owners offer more food during winter months ?


You aren't doing your PON a favor by overfeeding him/her. Extra pounds may lead to serious health issues such as heart,diabetes,joint problems.



It seems as though more PONS in the USA react to pollen. What is your opinion ?


This may have more to do with planting a wide range of trees and bushes which have generated more pollen activity then with PON immune systems. Consult a specialist for a more detailed response.





PON Facts

Keep a daily journal if your PON is itchy and consult a specialist to help solve this problem.