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bardzo mi-milo-jestem, Netherlands




October, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



Is it true that PON fur weighs around fifteen pounds on it's own ?

Yes, PON fur is very heavy and makes up a significant amount of weight on it's own. PONS need extensive grooming at least twice a week.



My male PON has been described as sweet and laid back by a handler. Is this typical of all male PONS ?



How wonderful to hear these comments ! There are a range of personality types among PONS, but none should be described as either fearful or aggressive..




What does it mean if your PON sneezes after walks ?.


Please take your PON to your family vet who may advise allergy testing. This sounds like a case of inhalant allergies, but your vet is the best person to consult about this situation. 



My male PON hates other males, what can I do about this ?


Your PON needs more socialization. However, it may not be possible to change your male PON's reactions to other males.





PON Advice

Pon nails need to be checked and cut on a regular basis in order to avoid them becoming entangled in long fur.