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Manuela Seeber, Switzerland






October, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



A good friend just had PON puppies, but I don't believe she has health testing for the parents of her puppies. Can she join PON Digest's breeder's list ?

We only accept listings for PON breeders on PON Digest who have health testing for parents of their puppies.


My PON has gained a lot of weight lately, and I am worried. Will feeding a raw diet help ? 


 Consult your family vet for all health conditions. .




My PON is doing well on Wellness but a friend in the breed insists that I change his diet. I really don't know what to do.


If your PON is doing well on his present diet and is not overweight and has no apparent health problems you need to use common sense and avoid switching to a high risk diet. Consult your family vet for all health issues.




My PON has a hot spot. Will switching diets make a difference ?


Inhalant allergies may be a major cause of hot spots, but to play it safe, consult your vet. Hot spots may be caused by any number of autoimmune reactions to environmental triggers.





PON Facts

You aren't doing your pon a favor by overfeeding him. Consider offering more fresh veggies in his/her daily diet. A healthy pon is one who is not overweight. Weight management is vital for pon health.