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Buzia (Nizinny Z Mazurow) and guest, "Nasz Cysko Rivendall" (sitting)




Okra for PON Digestive Wellness - continued from May


According to scientific studies, the superior fiber found in okra helps to prevent diabetes and constipation.Okra is a rich source of many nutrients, including vitamins A, B6, C, iron and calcium.  To retain most of okra’s nutrients, it should be cooked as little as possible, with low heat or steamed. It can also be eaten raw and may be used as a supplement to kibble diets. Okra can be found yearlong in your supermarket's frozen food section and is reasonably priced.


In addition to being low in calories, okra has  vitamins A, Thiamin, B6, C, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber. Eating okra is often recommended for pregnant women because  it is rich in folic acid which is essential in the neural tube formation of the fetus during 4-12 weeks of gestation period in the mother's womb. Similar claims may be made for pregnant canines. Please consult the research department of your local veterinary university.

Research studies by well known  nutritionists state:

• The mucilage and fiber found in okra helps adjust blood sugar by regulating its absorption in the small intestine.

• The fiber of okra has many superior qualities in maintaining the health of the gastro-intestinal tract.

• It helps reabsorb water and traps excess cholesterol, metabolic toxins and surplus bile in its mucilage and slips it out through the stool. Due to greater percentage of water in the bulk it thereby prevents constipation, gas and bloating in the abdomen.

• It is an ideal vegetable for weight loss and is storehouse of health benefits provided it is cooked over low flame to retain its properties. This also to ensure that the invaluable mucilage contained in it is not lost to high heat. Okra may be used in a canine weight management program.

• Okra facilitates the propagation of good bacteria referred to as probiotics. These are similar to the ones proliferate by the yogurt in the small intestine and helps biosynthesis of Vitamin B complex.


• Okra is an excellent laxative treats irritable bowels, heals ulcers and sooths the gastrointestinal track. This is an ideal addition to PON diets.

• Protein and oil contained in the seeds of okra serves as the source of first-rate vegetable protein. It is enriched with amino acids on the likes of tryptophan, cystine and other sulfur amino acids

Consider adding okra to your PON's diet for digestive wellness.