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MORWA z Gangu Długich
owner Bogusława Patrzykont. POPIS Rawipon - owner Bogusława Patrzykont and Beata Klawińska.



Is Your PON Overweight ?

Similar to humans, carrying too many pounds may trigger serious health conditions such as heart problems, joint issues, diabetes, perhaps Cancer, etc. What can PON lovers do to help prevent potential health risks and maintain a healthy life style for their PONS ?

1.Offer your PON a homecooked or a raw diet which is the ideal choice for weight management at any age, and in many ways it can prove less expensive that processed food. This option will provide a wide range of amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and other nutrients that can support his immune system, skin health and help him lose some of the weight gained from a corn and grain-filled processed food diet. If this is not a viable option in your household, consider a grain-free dog food made mostly of fish. Fish generally contains less calories than meat or chicken. Consult with your vet and reduce kibble by 1/3 every day. To make up for this reduction, you can offer wild rice and quinoa which are extremely filling and known as super foods because of their high vitamins and minerals.

2. Plan longer play times. If you're returning to the life style of proper fitness, be sure to get your PON involved. When you're stretching before a run or heading out to the gym, be sure to throw a ball around with your PON. This will help activate him and release some of the pent-up energy that arises from being inside most of the winter. Set up a regular daily routine.

3. Reduce those snacks. Whether it's table scraps or feeding your PON treats, these little snacks can add up quickly just like potato chips do for humans Unfortunately, many of these foods use carb-packed fillers, and they can add to your PON's waistline very quickly. Make an effort to feed your PON healthy snacks like carrot sticks, or cooked salmon because they are packed with nutrients and can help regulate digestion.

Weight loss may take some time; so please do not expect instant results. Check your PON's weight monthly, and if you do not notice a loss of at least 1 or 2 pounds, you may wish to adjust or consult with your veterinarian for possible supplements and perhaps thyroid tests. Perceivable weight loss will most likely take at least six months. Please remember that every little bit you do as a PON owner extends your PON's life. Good luck and we hope to hear from visitors with updates. Inquiries are always warmly welcome.