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Paczi, Owners:Tom & Diane Pirc, Wisconsin, USA.




Why does my PON lick his paws ?


Pon owners often ask why their PON often licks his paws. The answer is not uncomplicated. Paw licking can often be caused by allergies. If you suspect allergies, switch to a grain free food and grain free treats. Gradually you can increase the recommended dosage for essential oils (fish oil,etc.) without causing soft stools. This is essential to help reduce the inflammation in the body. It may also be necessary to rinse your PON's paws when returning from outside if you suspect a pollen type of allergy. Once allergies are under control it can also become a habit.

If you think boredom might be playing a part of your PON's paw licking/nail chewing behavior, you might want to add puzzle games and teach him new tricks or basic commands using only positive reinforcement. Some vets prescribe anti-depressants to solve this problem. I know of some cases which have been greatly helped with this option.

Owners may not wish to hear this but sometimes paw licking is caused by allergies to fleas which have left the PON's system. It will take time for this situation to be resolved.

Most of the time, paw licking is caused by several factors and owners need to try various remedies to cope with this situation. Good luck and please keep us updated.