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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



 Kennel Ambergini's , Sweden


Pollen Count Reports for Allergy Management

Information about daily pollen counts is vital for the well being of our PONS as a tool in allergy management:
*  Reports can help determine if a PON's allergic reactions (scratching,etc.) are a result of inhalant allergies or food allergies or even possibly both causes. If we notice more itchiness on high pollen days, this may point to inhalant allergies. With five generations of allergic individuals in my own human family, such knowledge is God sent for relatives, both human and canine.
*  We can also determine which particular pollens are causing allergic reactions and present this information to our family veterinarians. Possibly, this may in most cases, save owners an expensive visit to specialist vets. Family vets may be better able to treat inhalant allergies with such knowledge.
*  Keeping a daily journal and recording such information will enable owners to be more independent, think out of the box and prevent overmedication in many cases.
Owners can schedule exercise before pollen levels reach their peak during the day. Most important, keeping records based on information from pollen reports will pinpoint triggers of allergy symptoms and reduce suffering. 

Owners often ask about the best times to walk their PONS. The following links will help answer these questions:

Apparently pollen levels peak at different times according to specific climatic conditions and areas. Here are some links on the subject. Yes, this is more complex than we imagine. If your PON reacts to birch pollen, avoid afternoons. It depends on your PON, pollen, climate.

Where can owners find pollen reports ?

Owners can instantly access pollen and spore levels by location--anytime, anyplace. Visit: from your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android and add this app to your home screen




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  • Please keep us updated on the success of your PON allergy management.