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Your PON and Car Travel


PONS and car problems are usually the result of stress or anxiety- especially if your PON is scared or  not used to being in a car while the engine is running.


Any kind of car travel with your PON may also be a problematic if your PON is high strung and can't sit still for a long period of time or if he has associated any kind of negative experiences while traveling in the car.


A dog car harness is a really good item to have for all dogs  that ride inside your car - they keep the dog securely in one location instead of climbing all over the car.


Also, not all dogs are born car riders so don't forget this. Motion sickness and many other anxieties can crop up if proper car training is taken for granted, making the problem just that more intense for the dog and his owner.


If you have any kind of problems getting your PON to climb into, and to stay inside your car, the following suggestions may help alleviate your PON's fear. You wish to make the car travel experience fun for the both of you - especially to make it easier for any kind of travel you may need to make in the future.


For best results you need to practice all the steps below several times before going on any trips. This will help make it so much easier in the future when you want to travel with a PON or any dog breed for that matter.

Car Travel Advice

1. Open the back seat and place your PON inside the car - while the car is parked in the driveway, doors are open, and the engine is off. Let your PON spend some time in the car, supervised by you, with either a snack, dog chews or a toy. Praise him enthusiastically for staying in the car.

The chew bone, or the toy that you placed in there will help to create a positive experience for him, which will make the car ride stress free. Very important: avoid keeping your PON inside the car for too long in hot weather!Repeat this several times over several days before going on a trip - especially if your dog is nervous.

2. Once your PON is comfortable being in the car with doors open, close the door (with the windows rolled down and engine still off) and get into the drivers seat. Stay there for a minute or so and allow your PON to get used to the car door being closed. Repeat this several times over several days before going on a trip - especially if your PON tends to be nervous. If your PON is comfortable at this stage you can also start the car once in a while remaining there to get him accustomed to the engine sound.

3. Lastly, put your PON into the car and take him for a short ride around the block. Leave his chew bone and toy inside the car to keep him occupied. After the short trip, make sure that you give him a good treat, praise him enthusiastically and repeat the process over the next few days. As your PON's comfort level rises, you can also extend the length of the trips, making them just a bit longer each time.


One good idea is to associate all travel (at least while car travel training is taking place) with short journeys that end somewhere your PON really enjoys such as the dog park for example. It is also important that while doing this training that the journey lengths increase slowly over a period of time.


In time you can increase the distances. Take it slow in the beginning, train your PON slowly and be patient. You want to avoid all the anxiety, motion sickness and other negatives associated with car travel. If you can associate car travel training with something fun and positive you will complete this process much quicker and will have better results overall. Happy driving.