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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




Ponavie PONs






Harmony at Ponavie PONS

by Mim Frost


Ash, my mild mannered Russian Blue male cat has been around for about 10 years. He loves Lua, my momma dog, who chews on his scruff and he almost seeks her out for a little massage, they share bed every night and sleep back to back. He brings us (unwanted! may I add) gifts in form of rodents of all kinds (picture of one of his live preys he brought indoors is attached), he’s been around for births of many litters, he shares his bed with nesting Lua who managed to stuff herself into his 15”x22” basket in preparation for birth (picture attached), he test out the whelping boxes whenever I get them ready for her babies (pictures from 2 occasions attached), he supervises puppies, tolerates their playfulness (playing with a 5 weeks old Gria,  pictures attached) and overall is a great friend to all, human and dogs alike.


Yesterday I caught my two PONs 'Lua' and 'Gria' (Gria has a clip in hair) supervising (or stalking?) Ash the cat, drinking water from their water bowl (as he normally does). They are not allowed to chase him, they can lick him, kiss him, sniff him, he particularly enjoys when they chew on his scruff and does not mind the occasional ‘swatting/pawing each other’ game, but Gria is young and she wants to play rough and chase him, that’s the fun part, right?. At 10 years of age he's not into those kind of games anymore, nevertheless she tries. She knows that she will get in trouble for chasing him, so she patiently waits,.... "in case he decides to run on his own, which in theory, should not classify as chasing....she would just run in the same direction as the cat and mom should not get mad for that...right??? I stopped her before she had the chance to terrorize my poor feline. We’re all living in harmony at Ponavie PONs! Gria is still in training!!!


Gria in training !!!!!!!