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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




White Star's Shadie Rae (11 weeks old), owned by Laurie & Dave Haas, Sanford, Florida



PON Body Language - Unique in many ways !




 Your PON's body language is unique and  an important tool to establishing a successful life time relationship with your intelligent furry family member. Communication is vital for understanding the needs and moods of your PON and your keen observation will insure a basic understanding of basic behavior patterns.

There are three significant features that you may wish to consider when it comes to your PON's body language their ears and face, and their body. If you pay attention to those important areas, you'll find that you are easily able to understand how your PON is feeling, even though he can't talk to you.

Generally, the head of your PON is much more expressive than you might tend to believe. His/her  ears, eyes (although covered), and mouth will tell you a lot about what is going on in his mind, so all you need  to do is pay attention to certain details.

You will notice that PONS ears tend to be erect when he is listening to you and if you mention a word that he recognizes, such as his name or a term or question you often repeat,his ears should perk up. Just ask if your PON is hungry and register reactions! His eyes should be observing you(although covered), and if you watch his face, you will notice  the thoughts of your PON, because he'll turn his head towards you and/or the object of your term. Your PON's mouth is another good indicator. A mouth that is open and "smiling" suggests that your PON is happy !. A tongue sticking out often suggests that your PON is in a good mood and very happy and even excited about being happy !

The body of your PON is something that you can also use to determine their thoughts and mood patterns. If your PON's body is hunched down, or if he is crouching, he may be in a defensive or a scared mood or even sulking. PONS do not appreciate owners shouting at them or children teasing them. Try giving him some space because he is either angry,sulking or even scared right now. However, if your PON is relaxed and lying on his back and resting comfortably, with all of his limbs showing, he is comfortable and relaxing. My gang love lying on their backs after mealtimes. If your PON is curled into a circle, he is feeling totally at home with you. An anxious PON will stand or pace, while a calm one will sit or lay down. Owners may also detect illness among PONS by observing their lying too flat on the ground for long periods of time. Individual PONS have their own body language and owners need to recognize their language to insure a happy and healthy relationship.