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Polish Lowland Sheep dog - pons -pon the dog




Hagabergsliden Kennel

(Ragna Hellberg - breeder, Sweden)







Coping with PON boredom



According to dog behaviorists ,kongs are one of the best solutions to cure canine boredom. As PON owners know, they are extremely appealing to our breed because food and treats can be stuffed inside them. Further, they are made of hard rubber and can be washed in the dishwasher to remove leftover food. My own PONS find them quite interesting when they are filled with pumpkin !


Owners can fill Kongs with a range of foods from rice, wet dog food,dry dog food, bananas,cheese,etc. For the uninformed owner, Kongs can also be frozen to make the food extraction process take long. If puppies or young PONS find it too difficult after freezing, microwave the Kong for a few seconds to thaw it out. Owners should nuke cheese before freezing to give it a solid texture.

Advice for Kong feeding:

Once owners have practiced stuffing Kongs, finding what your PON can cope with and getting your PON excited about Kongs, will generate pure fun !


*  Work with a stay command and then hide your PON'S filled Kong around the house

*  Use several Kong with all kinds of stuffings

*  Use a command such as "Go find your Kong" to get your PON to search all over your home

* Help your young PON locate the Kong if he is experiencing difficulty

Owners can have their PON stay in another area while hiding Kongs around the. house. Searching for Kongs offers an important form of mental stimulation and is an efficient way to improve training ability.