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Bardzo-mi-milo-jestem, Netherlands




PON Character

PON lovers often exchange stories about their beloved PON's personality traits and it has been noticed that certain traits appear to be universal among breed members. A common trait is their ability to be independent thinkers which may often be mistaken as stubbornness.  When they get something in their minds, they are determined to see it through. This may apply to playing ball, defending their owners, etc.

Most PONS are quickly housebroken  and most become extremely bored after learning the basics of what is being taught to them.  They are very capable of understanding what is expected, but their personality causes them to tend to want to know WHY they are expected to do certain things.  For this reason, offering them motivation is vital.  For example: heel while we walk = praise and a yummy treat later on. 

PONS make excellent inside dogs – Despite their  heavy coats. They make a perfect indoor companion.This breed lived in a wide range of locations and has proven himself to adapt extremely well to living with people in just about any sized home.

They love supervised freedom - Most will greatly appreciate running alongside you at the beach or alongside a quiet country road.  Their personality is one that enjoys a sense of liberty, the extra exercise and all new sights and smells.

While they are known for having a high physical pain tolerance, their feelings can be hurt very easily and owners need to avoid shouting at them.

The PON reaction to strangers is often misunderstood and may differ depending on the gender of the individual  Many references refer to this breed as wary of strangers. This is not correct.  The PON could not care less about what any stranger thinks of them or what a person is doing (unless they appear to be a threat).  Females tend to like and appreciate affection from people more than males do. Males will tolerate hugs and pats, but female seem to “take it in” more often. Naturally, there are lots of exceptions to these statements. My Shakey used to love affection from everyone.

Their devotion is calm and quiet, but very strong.  The adult will be very content to lie quietly nearby while you are watching TV…You may assume that he is sleeping, but he is normally very aware of your movements…And if you get up to go to another room, what happens ?  Your PON is right there, following you, like your shadow. Without your company, he will be bored and lonely, but will wait quietly for you to return.  He may, without making a noise, stand beside your bed and stare at you for an hour, waiting for you to wake up….And then, when you do, he will want attention. 
PONS have an excellent sense of time and owners can almost set their clocks to their PON's schedules. In fact, if you forget to give them a pill, you may be astonished to notice they remind you by barking and nudging you.

Many prospective owners wonder if this breed does well with the elderly and the answer is positive. In Europe, many are used in hospice care and in retirement homes to cheer up the old and ailing residents. About PONS and children,most of it depends if they are part of the household...Children need to be taught to respect the PON and not pull on it's coat. With few exceptions, PONS and children get along very well. Most PONS form very strong bonds with other dogs,  I remember my two PON girls cuddling up to larger dogs at a local dog show.
Generally, PONS become part of a family's life and enjoy participating in family activities. They do not like to be left alone for long hours during the day. Prospective owners need to consider this before making a commitment to the breed.