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Does Your PON Have an Ear Infection ??



Please consult your local vet for additional professional guidance. Before exploring any treatment for your pon's ear infection, it is important that a proper diagnosis is obtained from your  vet. Make sure, for example, that there are no foreign bodies buried inside your pon's ear. Brown waxy debris and other signs of infection could be caused by bacteria, by a fungus, or by ear mites. Without knowing exactly the underlying cause, it is like shooting in the dark and over time the infection will be sure to worsen. Appropriate treatment can only begin after your family vet makes an accurate diagnosis

The following home remedy is popular among experienced PON owners:

"Mix a solution of 1 cup of Water, 2 cups of Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of Rubbing Alcohol. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and squirt it onto the outside of the ear canal once or twice per week. You can also use this solution applied with a cotton ball to clean out the inner part of the ear. The alcohol in the mixture will help to dissolve wax, whereas the vinegar creates an acidic environment that will not allow yeast or bacteria to grow in."


Here are some tips to prevent ear infection in your PONS:
  • Feed your pon a home cooked diet or grain-free kibble.
  • Strengthen your pon's immune system using natural supplements such as fish oil.
  • Keep water out of your pon's ears as it tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Trim the hairs inside your pon's ears.
  • Make it a point to check your pon's ears once a week for signs of infection and be prepared to act quickly in case of infection.
  • Clean your pon's ears on a regular basis.

Owners need to take ear infections seriously and begin treatment promptly. Repeated bouts of infection need to be investigated and allergy testing may be necessary. Good luck !