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Polish Lowland Sheepdog -pons - pon the dog



PON von Regensdorf , Switzerland






When your PON hates grooming

Grooming can be very stressful for a PON  if they have sensitive skin (or remember having their skin pulled by harsh grooming tools) are being groomed on big tables or around loud noises of equipment, etc,. Creative approaches to grooming include desensitizing your PON. Many owners may need to start
 fresh as if they are coping with a puppy and slowly brush their PON. Start with a relaxed and happy PON by taking him or her for a walk before a grooming session. Offer treats and speak in soft tones.

 It is also possible to calm your PON without sedating it with natural remedies. Experienced groomers recommend trying ready-relief, the herbal drop used to calm people and children if they are available in your area (consult your vet), or a DAP spray or plug in. DAP stands for dog appeasing pheromone and is a pheromone given off by nursing mother dogs which calms dogs. Google results for this option.

Owners report that changing the grooming environment, set up elsewhere which is level, safe and as low as possible for your PON to stand on while being groomed is helpful. Attempt to make it a bit of a game so it is not as overwhelming for your PON.. Bring your brush close to it and if your PON is calm and relaxed give it a treat and praise. If your PON is aggressive ignore it for a minute while keeping yourself out of harm's way. As your PON gets used to burshes,etc., near it, try to let the brush touch it's fur praising and treating if it is calm. Continue in little steps until you can brush small amounts of fur. If your PON becomes very agitated always go back a step. Don't push for too much at once, keep the sessions short and regular so that your PON is used to brushes near it often. (If you prefer to have your PON groomed at a professional groomer and ask them if they will let you bring your PON in regularly for short periods to do this desensitization). Always keep the sessions as fun as possible and if you see your PON is becoming bored and restless come back to the grooming in a little while. You want to end each session on a positive note with good behavior and praise so don't let your PON get to the point where it is bored and being naughty and end the session badly.

Remember if at any time you feel you are unsafe you can still do this procedure but put a comfortable yet safe muzzle on your PON (you may need to get your PON used to the muzzle in a similar desensitization session first or the PON will associate the scary muzzle with the scary grooming and the problem will be increased).

Remember that every PON is an individual and may not be able to be rehabilitated in this way, some PONS will always protest having their legs and feet handled, but if they can learn to allow touching it will make their grooming experience considerably less stressful. It is very important to keep a calm mindset, PONS can sense our energy and know when we are getting frustrated or irritated. If you feel any frustration it is time to end the grooming session. Keep it all light hearted and positive to have the best results. You may want to offer a tasty treat that your PON particularly enjoys, and reserve this one treat  when your PON is going to be groomed. My PONS have always enjoyed thin slices of bananas. Your PONS may enjoy peanut butter. Good luck and please keep us updated.