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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




Ul POM Pon, Poland






Weekly PON Health Checks


All PON owners need to check their PONS on a weekly basis for the following:

1) Does your PON have plaque or irritated gums ? What about bad breath which may indicate gingivitis or other tooth/gum issues or digestive problems,etc.

2) Have you inspected your PONS ears ? Do you notice wax build up, ticks, mites or other parasites ? Are your PON's ears "gunky" (dirty looking) ? What about smell ? Do those ears have a bad odor ? Does your PON shake it's head often ?

3) Are your PON's eyes discolored or irritated? Do they have crust and other matter ?

4) Does your PON have a dry or very greasy coat ? Do you find evidence of fleas or other parasites? Is the smell of your PON's coat on your hands, after checking it with your fingers, fishy, rank or offensive? A strong doggy odor, while common, is still a sign of potential health issues.

If your answers to many of the above weekly health checks are YES, then you should consider consulting with your family veterinarian.

Inhalant and food allergies may be playing a role in your PON's general health.Consult with your veterinarian and check into possible alternative therapies. Ultimately your PON's overall health is up to you, so these early warning signs should not be ignored.

A clean bill of health is the most valuable gift you can present to your PON. Good luck !