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Your PON'S Personality

Your PON can detect the way in which you value and respect him. As you recognize their individuality, they will understand their place and role in your home and environment.You can also identify your PON's temperament when he meets other dogs, while being walked, interacting with family members and at dog shows. A PON's body language will reveal their feelings. Low growls, raised ears, exposed sharp teeth may indicate they are threatened. They can also sense when there is a bad or good chemistry between fellow dogs in their own household and outside the home.

Be careful when your PON wants to play with other dogs. Similar to humans, your PON is a thinking, breathing creature who could suddenly have “bad chemistry” with another dog. Don’t wait for a dogfight to find out – learn how to read your PON's body language. Also, although  your PON may love most other dogs, an unsuspecting shy dog will not appreciate a sudden greeting.

When Your PON's Temperament Develops

Young puppies are like human babies that experience stages and changes. They also explore, get curious, and can be guided towards good temperament.. Dog trainers often advise not to let puppies chew anything while young if owners don't wish to be chewed in the future. Essentially, lessons taught today for these growing puppies in your homes may also determine and develop their future behavior. Quite like children, PONS do well on established schedules. Owners should try to stick to the same daily feeding times, walks and other activities.


The Common PON Temperament: Energetic

A PON is the energetic type if he constantly runs around and plays with about everything he sees. It is quite difficult to ask a PON to perform tasks  which he does not want to do. To please an energetic PON by confining him in a small space may be unpleasant to him, similar to a calm, laid back dog who finds it hard to catch a thrown Frisbee. Make sure your PON has sufficient activities so that he does not become bored and consequently is naughty. Grooming may pose a problem for some PONS if this is not started early in life. Consult your breeder about the best grooming techniques.

An Overview Of How To Identify Your PON's Temperament

When identifying your PON's temperament, look at how your PON interacts with his environment, especially if other dogs are around him. Besides the usual loving, playful, energetic personality that every PON has, each one has a personality unique to them. This develops during the first few months of a PON's life.Other dogs influence your PON's personality because of the instinct of being in a pack. In packs, the runt of liter will act much differently than the alpha of the group, and both of their personalities will reflect that.

A PON's temperament will also reflect it's owner in many ways and how you interact with your PON will effect his developing personality. An owner who is outgoing will most likely have a PON who is outgoing while someone who is shy will have a PON that is shy. If you walk a lot with your PON, you will be more likely have a PON who will be more energetic and playing with your PON will motivate your PON  to become more playful.

When deciding on breeders, look beyond championships and genetics. Observe how puppies are raised and ask lots of questions about environment and training methods. Good luck !