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Pon Politics Continued -



Do you ever wonder if there is a breed club  where there are no politics? After considerable research on the subject, I would venture to say that there is no such dog breed club in existence.

Regardless of the total population size of individual breeds, you really cannot escape coping with breed politics can one survive ? Basically, anywhere you have a group of people with conflicting personalities, you are sure to come across politics.

The solution to surviving breed politics may be simpler than you think.
First you have a decision to make. Are you going to participate or not? If you choose not to participate then you will most likely start to lose favor with fellow owners and your personal image may suffer.  You may have  a winning champion kennel, but your lack of willingness to deal with current politics  might influence your image more than you think.

If you have decided to participate, you will usually be much happier and come to realize that you can thrive despite all of the politics. Many owners have confided to me that they do not wish to become involved in politics, and only want to breed and show their PONS. Consider the following points:

If you have many relatives, ask yourself this question. Do you need to deal with conflict in your family? If you are married, do you have differences of opinion with your spouse?  The fact is that when you have a group of people that interact, personality conflicts arise. People with stronger personalities often have their own agenda and will not think twice about stomping over people to make sure their agenda is followed.

First of all, decide you are going to play the game, but not sell your soul.

You should never compromise your integrity or sell yourself short when dealing with the political forces. Here are some things to help you start thinking about how you might “play” and be happier.

Always strive to maintain integrity. People can spot someone with integrity a mile away and are attracted to the qualities that someone with integrity possesses.

Stay away from gossiping. If that local dog show is the place where the griping goes on, show your PON and then become busy  and leave early.

Do not be afraid of politically powerful people among breeders. The reality is that people who carry a lot of political clout are almost always welcoming to owners who feel comfortable talking to them directly about breed issues. You will find that most politically oriented people like to be challenged on their own terms.

Consider forming a relationship with political players. E-mail or call them in order to get to know them. If you have a solution to PON breed issues, feel free to  talk about it with fellow PON breeders and get their opinions.

When discussions become hot and the accusations start flying, do not get sucked into the argument. If it goes on, simply be quiet or leave. If asked later why you left, be completely honest and say that you felt the discussion was unprofessional and that you had nothing to contribute in a hostile atmosphere.

Stay positive in all situations. If everything appears negative in a situation, take the high road and stay solution oriented. If someone tries to engage you in negative activity, simply say that you have nothing to say unless the discussion becomes constructive.

Express your opinions, but avoid being obnoxious. Be confident in your abilities and view yourself as an important contributor. You need to develop a good self image which will not go unnoticed.

Avoid becoming emotional. If you are confronted about something, state facts and never raise your voice or reveal your true feelings.

 Generally speaking, you should not avoid PON politics. In contrast, you should learn to effectively  participate with no compromise.







"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue."  Anonymous