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PON Proofing Your Home for a New Puppy


 While family happiness and anticipation may be most obvious when bringing home an adorable PON puppy, detailed preparations should receive close attention. In the same way that homes require changes with the arrival of a baby, PON owners also need to take special precautions when "PON-proofing."

Before starting preparations for your PON puppy, you should take into consideration the safety of yards and gardens. Check fences and gates to be sure there are no holes large enough for your puppy to get his head stuck in and no holes for other animals to gain access to the yard for potential problems. Your puppy may be an active "digger" and large cement blocks may need to be placed along the fence.

Check out trash cans, which can be tipped over, giving your PON puppy the chance to eat garbage and undesirable leftovers. Be aware of the location of pesticides for your garden and lawn as well as anti-freeze for your car. Make sure your puppy cannot get hold of these poisons which may be deadly. Don't take chances which may result in tragedy. Place these items up high. 

You will need to inspect your house and assume that a young toddler is coming to live at your home! Much like toddlers, puppies find everything new and exciting. Unfortunately, they don't know when something is dangerous or can't tell if that intriguing TV remote control will get them into trouble. 

Further, when preparing your home for your new PON puppy, you should keep the following advice in mind:

  •  Make sure all electrical and cable wires are either in a space your puppy will not be able to access them or hide them under rugs or carpets.  Do not keep wires where your PON may chew on them.
  •  Similar to a toddler, your puppy will explore all areas, including low cupboards.  Just when you thought having a puppy was less stressful than a child, your PON will learn to nudge those cupboard doors open!  Consider installing locks or sort through them and only keep safe objects in low lying areas.

Doesn't this sound sensible ?  Your PON has the intellect of a toddler. You will be preparing for early morning walks in your neighborhood, late night potty trips and lots of heartfelt cuddling. While preparing your home for your PON puppy, think of him as a young member of your family. 

Consider buying a doggie bed made from plastic, which is more resistant to chewing.  Line it with comfortable, well made bedding and then place it in a special place just for your pup.  Make sure it is somewhere your PON will be safe and comfortable.

Preparing your home for your PON puppy is considerable work, so you may decide to buy a puppy pen until you have totally "PON-proofed" your house.  Just like a human baby's playpen, a puppy pen will offer an area to play without roaming the entire house.  By taking this measure, you are also saving your furniture and other objects from being chewed on during his teething period.

Do you have stairs in your home ?  If you have a basement or second floor, use baby gates to confine your PON's  run area to prevent harm. Both babies and puppies alike are unaware of danger and don't realize that they may fall down steps and hurt themselves as they play. 

Most important while preparing your home for your new puppy, remember they will need lots of attention and will offer you lots of affection in return !