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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon, the dog






American, Australian Ch White Star's It's All In The Family (Connor), son of Ch White Star's Paddington Bear and Ch White Star's Sweet Little Liza Jane.  Grandson of Olivia, Higgins and Winnie.




Will your PON end up at a puppy mill ?

All PON owners can help prevent PON napping by exercising caution.





PONS are are just as vulnerable to dog nappings as other popular breeds and in fact, because of high puppy prices, their risk rate may have significantly increased during this era of difficult economic times. All PON owners need to exercise extreme caution.

Who can you trust with your PON ? When do you need to increase security measures ?

In order to prevent your PON from being dog napped, please consider following this advice at home and away from home:

  • Always, make sure that your PON wears ID tags and even more important, if you have not had your PON chipped, consider doing this immediately. 


  •  Consider the consequences if your PON has no form of identification. He/she may spend the rest of his/her life in a dire situation and end up becoming a victim of puppy millers. Prevention is the best policy.


  • Supervise your PON all the time.  If you have young children and visit playgrounds, would you allow your child to play unattended ? This is our most important point. Your PON is a valuable member of your family and needs to be supervised at all times. If you visit dog parks, you need to focus on your PON, rather than on discussions with other dog owners. If you have an enclosed yard, you need to be able to look out and observe your PON at play. This is not the time to take safety for granted. All PON owners needs to closely supervise their PONS at all times.  Grooming sessions provide a vulnerable loophole and owners need to safeguard their PONS by inquiring about security provisions. Is it possible for dog nappers to come in contact with dogs waiting to be groomed ? Does your groomer employ day workers or do they supervise dogs themselves ?Are they bonded? What about dog shows ? Do you  leave your PON alone at any time ? Everyone knows their own routines. Owners need to re-examine daily security risks and seek to reduce them before a disaster takes place.



  • Be Clever.  If you are home alone and the bell rings, be sure to secure your PON in his/her crate  to prevent a dog napping. If you’re on the go and need to run into Starbucks and leave your PON outside, anyone can simply come along and snatch him/her. If you notice your cleaning help is too interested in your PON, take measures to make sure your PON is not left alone during cleaning sessions.Are members of your cleaning service bonded ? If not, consider switching to another service.


  • Puppy mills may not be able to get hold of as many PON puppies as they like by traditional methods and may start to target loving PON families. You can prevent tragedies by increasing home security.

This article will help PON owners become aware of the increased risk of dog napping and emphasize the importance of awareness as a key factor in the prevention of dog napping incidents. Make sure that groomers,cleaning personnel,etc. are bonded if you have to leave your PON with them. You need to know about your PON's surroundings at all times as well as strangers who approach your PON to prevent dog nappings from taking place. In the same way that we warn children about the dangers of accepting candy from strangers, it is vital for your PON not to be lured by the smell of a yummy treat.  Please consider doing behavior training to reinforce this type of preventive behavior pattern.