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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




Eli Mae-Bentley puppies (1 week old)





Your PON and Seasonal allergies


Your PON's seasonal  allergies can be further aggravated by poor air quality inside the home. PON owners can begin to  improve the quality of their family's home environment and create cleaner, fresher air by improving indoor living conditions. Moisture control is a key issue to preventing mold and mildew growth and the resulting allergens from developing inside of the home. Excess moisture removal also protects against moisture health risks to a family's general health and well being. Further, moisture damage can adversely effect clothing, furniture and valuables and contribute to musty odors.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cautions that exposure to mold can cause symptoms such as eye irritation, and skin irritation which effect canines and can cause symptoms which can also prove dangerous to health if ignored.

To minimize exposure to ragweed pollen and mold and fungus spores and to improve indoor air quality, please follow these suggestions:

- Postpone early morning walks when pollen is released.
- Monitor pollen counts in your area by visiting the National Allergy Bureau at
- After spending time outside, vigorusly brush your PON's fur  to remove pollen.
- Keep windows at home closed as much as possible.
- Use air conditioning as long as possible to clean the air.
- Wash dog beds weekly in hot water to reduce dust mites.
- Vacuum regularly, using a machine with a good filtration system.
  Wash your PONS often to reduce dander.

To further manage indoor moisture and humidity, follow this advice as much as possible:

- Install exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and any other space water vapor is created.
- Inspect doors, windows and the foundation for  excessive air infiltration.
- Replace worn caulk and seals throughout your house.
- Place moisture absorbers in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas, and closets to create fresher, healthier indoor air.

Use moisture absorber products that create fresher, healthier indoor air, prevent mold and mildew and the resulting allergens, and eliminate musty odors. PON owners can provide a healthier life style for their PONS and avoid most seasonal allergies by being vigilant.  Good luck.