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Your PON's Separation Anxiety



Coping with your PON's separation anxiety is a process or development, similar to other types of training,  and it takes time, patience and repetition to be totally successful. Studies have found that there are steps one can take to lessen separation anxiety and to prevent your PON's frustrated behavior from spiraling out of control during your absence.


First, help prepare your PON for your departure. Lots of owners have a tendency to lavish attention on their PON before leaving the house. Some may excessively play with their PON or offer treats to make up for their absence. Although well intended, this only makes the owner's departure even more worrisome for the family PON.  Although an owner may wish to spend extra time with the PON before leaving , the best advice is to decrease your interaction with him/her. Such an approach will decrease your PON's level of intense anxiety.

In some cases, it may be desirable to provide your PON with a "job" or distraction. An interesting toy may occupy his attention while he tries to figure out how to remove a treat inside a ball. This diversion may trigger your PON's thinking about a desirable treat instead of focusing on anxiety.

If possible, consider leaving a radio or television on with a program that has a lot of action and people in the cast. Dogs love human voices and your PON will feel less alone.

You can also leave a piece of your clothing close to your PON's crate before leaving the house. He/she will feel less stressed as well. Separation anxiety needs to be intelligently dealt with while a PON is still young. Following a regular schedule on a daily basis will help your PON understand and accept daily routines.