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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog



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Your PON's Social Development

Your PON's social development includes maintaining good body weight, joint, lung and heart functions as well as improving muscle tone. Healthy PONS are active PONS and owners need to be aware of the importance of both mental and physical stimulation.


Balls as part of social development for PONS

Be sure you toss the ball long rather than high. You do not wish to have your PON constantly jumping and placing pressure on joints as a puppy. The type of ball you use is important. It should be large enough to prevent a choking hazard for your young PON.


Join a local Puppy Play Group.

 Your PON puppy needs to interact with other dogs for additional mental and physical stimulation. Socialization skills your PON experiences with other dogs forms part of his early development and is priceless.


Local Training Class.

You should be on the look out for local puppy training which include obedience basics and continue these techniques at home. If you realize that you both really enjoy obedience training, you can continue to compete in obedience competitions as well. Training courses are often advertised at canine supply stores, with local breeders, AKC sites,etc.



Participate in Fly Ball activities

 Most ball driven PONS are highly motivated for this form of exercise and while there is a definite amount of training to do fly ball correctly, many local clubs offer fly ball training for free. Contact your local kennel club for more details.

Tug of War Activities

Allowing your PON to yank you around the house while you hold his favorite Tug O War Dog Toy can be an enjoyable exercise as well as important part of his social development. Be sure the toy is soft to avoid teeth or gum problems and, even more important, make sure that the dog knows the “leave it” command so that it will let go of the toy when you give it the “leave it” command.  



Walking with your PON


Take your PON for a walk around the block or in a park or to any dog friendly locations that you are aware of. Always mix up the locations, and, or, directions of your walk to keep it interesting for both you and your Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

Hide and Seek games

Teach your PON to "find it". Your pet will enjoy the mental work out as well as the physical exertion of locating his favorite toy or treat. Mix things up by changing the location of where you hide the toys and what toys are being hidden.


This breed was created to be versatile, athletic, courageous, mentally sound and excel in most activities in which they participate. It is beneficial to first make sure that your Polish Lowland Sheepdog is physically fit by your veterinarian. Your vet will check your PON's overall health and well being as well as it's lungs, heart and joints for any potential problems.