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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog



Hagabergslidens Kennel, Sweden





PONS on a Budget -surviving this economy

Although most owners may not admit it, surviving this economy with PONS is not uncomplicated because of special diet considerations, grooming and other issues.Even showing has come under the hammer and it takes a lot of planning to reduce costs and take care of coats while maintaining good nutrition for both owners and PONS.


Owners are encouraged to offer nutritious natural foods while avoiding excessive costs for premium kibble. Consider less expensive options such as home crafted diets which may include the same and better nutrients. For those who are unsure about canine nutrition, search for books on on the topic of canine nutrition and consider joining PON Diet and Nutrition Yahoo group (listed on the front page of PON Digest). Your family veterinarian can also be of great help, but you need to seek out his advice.  Owners who spend a lot of time on the road may also need to re-think their own diet options and bring along most of their own food in order to reduce costs. It may be worthwhile to invest in a portable refrigerator and small cooking appliances. If you live near other PON owners who show, you may consider sharing transportation and even hotel rooms. Make plans in advance and avoid politics for the common good of all.
PON owners are advised to avoid wasting money on toys. Ribbons, yarn balls and old cardboard boxes can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your PONS. Some old baby toys may also be re-cycled to provide safe fun for your family PONS.


Learn how to groom your PON yourself. It's not as difficult as you might expect and you can save a lot of money. Click on these links for additional information:

This is a guide to canine tooth brushing


Homemade cleaning wipes for unexpected messes:

Homemade wipes smell better, are cheaper, and are generally free of harsh chemicals.


Round 34.5 oz. plastic coffee container, such as Folgers 1/2 Caff container
Extra large roll of paper towel
Your choice of cleaning agents
Liquid measuring cups


Electric drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit, or utility knife and sharp scissors
Electric knife or large chef knife


1. Use an electric or chefs knife to cut the paper towel roll in half.
2. Place one of the paper towel halves in the container and save the other half to use later.
3. Pour your cleaning solution over the paper towel, place lid on, and let the paper towel absorb the cleaning
solution for 4 hours or overnight.
4. Using a small block of wood as support, drill a 1/2 inch hole in the center of the container lid. If you are using
a utility knife cut a 1/2 inch "x" and then pull up each piece and cut about 1/8 of it away with your very sharp
5. Gently pull out the cardboard from the paper towel and discard. Pull out the inside end of the paper towel roll
from where the cardboard had been, being very careful not to tear it.
6. Carefully thread the end of the paper towels through the 1/2 inch hole and put the lid back on.
7. Pull gently every time you use the cleaning wipes, as you don't want to end up having to take the lid off every
time you want to use a wipe.

Viva paper towels work well for  homemade cleaning wipes, as they absorb very well and they don't fall apart when you are cleaning. They don't dry out very fast, and you can pretty much use them for everything. If yours start to dry out, just add more water or cleaning solution as necessary. Let them sit overnight for the paper towel to properly absorb the new solution before you use them again.

Here are a few recipes that you can use the wipes for:


1/4 cup Pine-sol
2 3/4 cup water


Unsure of how to cut your PON's nails ? You will find this information of great value:

Click here: How To Trim A Dog's Nails, Called a Pedicure, at


Money saving coupons:

Use coupons
When it comes to buying premium pet food and dog treats, don't forget to clip coupons. Check sites like as well. Coupons for pet food are some of the most popular on the site, and are a great way to save. The Sunday paper and manufacturers' Web sites also have a steady stream of discounts available to pet owners. If you have a favorite brand, sign up for their email newsletter. It often includes special coupons for loyal customers. Dog food companies are also usually great about giving out coupons. You might call them and see if they have a mailing list for coupons. They usually do and will often send you a high value coupon (sometimes for a free bag of food) just for calling in and telling them you like their product. This would at least help with the cost of food. Some pet supply stores will give away pet food that came in broken or torn bags to rescues. They might be willing to save some for you. Even the medicine manufacturers may have a discounted plan or free coupons, so it wouldn't hurt to contact them


Healthcare on a tight budget:

In this economy, it can be stressful to provide
the care needed to keep our PONS healthy. If you are anywhere
near a Humane Society animal shelter, give them a call. Vet
checkups, spay and neutering services, shots and even flea and
heart worm preventative medications can be purchased for about
half the price of the neighborhood vet. Support your vet when
you can, but if the choice is find a cheaper way or neglect
your PON, please call the Humane Society. Many
food banks are now providing dog and cat food. If you are
really in financial trouble, give them a call and get some help to keep
your loved ones healthy. Also, your vet may know the name of a charitable group in your area that will help with pet expenses and/or a rescue organization that may be able to help you. Please also consider contacting your breed club for additional help and advice.

Good luck to all PON lovers !