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PONS as Family Therapists


  How many PON owners have noticed PON sensitivity to their moods ? This can be best demonstrated by asking owners to watch a variety of films which include tear jerkers, horror and comedies. Research has revealed that canines can smell fear among humans and react to it according to the characteristics of individual bread genetics. As herding dogs, PONS tend to be protective of their flock and thus will attempt to exhibit protective behavior by offering their paws and snuggling close while owners view mood changing films on TV. This has often happen to me while watching Law and Order and other programs with plots about serial killers and criminals. While reacting to these programs, I found myself being comforted by my PONS.

PONS are closely attuned to their owners moods and this will influence their behavior in many ways. It is well known that PONS are completely devoted to their owners and portray the classic image of the ultimate faithful canine companion.  They put their owners on a pedestal and the love and respect they have for their “leader” cannot be denied. They are very ‘tuned in’ to people and body language, and are ‘people watchers’ extraordinaire from a surprisingly young age. Most PON puppies arrive at their new homes at around three months and they will already have learned the lessons their mother gave them on “How to cope with humans”  and these young innocents are more than capable of dealing with our ever changing moods.  This built-in herding behavior determines their life with their human counterparts for many years to come. 

It isn't possible to stay sad or fearful with PONS in your household. They are natural therapists and protectors who have one main goal in life and this is complete devotion to their human families. We need to honor them by making sure we offer them the best possible nutrition, and remain updated on current canine health research.  A happy PON equals a happy human household.