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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog




"Premier's Paczki Posy O'Pirc"
"Paczki is owned by Tom and Diane Pirc, Hartford, Wisconsin USA




Traveling with PONS in the USA and Europe


There are instances when PON owners need to stay at hotels with their PON and owners need to find reliable hotels which cater to dogs. Pet web sites provide a good source of helpful information and can be found by conducting a search on major search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Recommendations from fellow PON owners, other dog lovers and co-workers may also prove invaluable. Some may have actually traveled to the same destination and have first hand knowledge of individual hotels.

For more adventuresome PON owners, visit local bookstores and consult travel guides for lists of hotels that welcome dogs. The AAA accommodation books also indicate whether pets are welcome at hotels in the USA. Consult links listed below for other countries.

Be sure to call hotels ahead of time to get details (some have only a limited number of rooms set aside for dogs and may be breed specific). Ask about special pet services which may include dog-walking areas and pet-sitting.

Owners need to be prepared to pay a deposit for the room and a pet fee (around $50) in some areas in the USA. Conditions differ in Europe.


Most chain properties are franchises, each property owned by a different management company. These separate owners set the policies for their hotels. Don't worry, though. You can find a place to bed down with your pets using two lists, a few hints and a phone.

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Please click on the above links for specific budget hotel chains. When traveling with your PON, be sure and bring veterinary information, immunization documents, dog food, extra leashes, grooming tools and other equipment to make your PON comfortable and safe. Never leave your PON alone in strange hotel rooms. If you are attending a club event, try and take a room near fellow club members. In advance of your trip, research emergency veterinary sources in the travel area. 


Enjoy your PON holiday  and send us photos' !