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Preventing PON Boredom



Lots of PON owners hate to leave their PONS alone while out working, and opt to take them to doggy daycare facilities. This can become a problem because it means the PON  can never be left alone for long periods of time.

There is a middle ground to preventing PON boredom which include the following suggestions:

Offer a wide range of surfaces to chew, like hard Nylabones, soft Gumabones, Booda Bones (edible bones made of compressed cornstarch), etc. Leaving several different choices is wise. Never leave rawhide or rope bones in the crate unsupervised or anything else that can be chewed up or torn apart. Toys stuffed with treats, like Kong or Tuffy toys (made by the Kong Company - choose an appropriate size) or a sturdy sterilized bone. You can stuff these items with something yummy such as peanut butter, "squeezy cheese", dog food, soft moist treats, goldfish crackers, bread, etc.

The most important considerations are:

 1. The PON loves the treat he is given.

 2. It is a treat the PON only gets when he is alone.

 3. Test a treat to make sure it does not cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Other options are toys, which look like a plastic dice, and are available at your local pet store. Many are available online at You fill them with dried dog food and teach your PON to tumble the cube around to get the food out. Since the treat is not messy, these can also be used when your PON is mature enough to be left alone uncrated. Remember, this food is part of your PON's daily diet, so feed less at mealtime. Alternatively, you can feed the entire meal from the cube.

Your PON will be less stressed  if you also confine him  for short times while you are home. This way, confinement doesn't mean being left alone. Please keep us updated and good luck ! Type in dog toys or dog puzzles on your search engine or on