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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information





Owned and treasured and loved by Diane and Tom Pirc Hartford, Wi USA





Reading with Stash
Sheepdog helps children with their reading skills at Jack Russell Memorial Library
By Gay Griesbach    DAILY NEWS, West Bend Wisconsin,   April 24th 2012

Hartford Wi ---  Since opening its doors in November, Hartford's Jack Russell Memorial Library has hosted a patient listener that helps young readers build their skills. On Saturday,  Stash,  a 7 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog spent part of his morning looking at flash cards with Sage Sanchez,3.

Sitting on the floor of the library's Children's Story Room (Stash's office) Hunter Jerwinski 4, held Stash's paw while mom Amy Jerwinski read selections from the library's shelves. Hunter said he hopes to be able to read to Stash on his own one day. Iniitally, retired Librarian and Assistant Director of  the library, Audrey Wolfert invited Stash to spend a morning each week last summer listening to the children read. This was at the old library in a building that also housed the police department.  The program was an immediate success and so it continues at the brand new state of the art facility.  The children bond quickly with Stash and his patient and nonjudgmental  listening encourages young readers. Diane Pirc said since starting at the new library, Stash has heard stories from more than 186 new and emerging readers.  The father of one little girl, a frequent visitor, reported that her teacher had called wondering what he and his wife were doing different  Her reading skills had so improved.  Another home schooled, 5 year old practices reading upside down so Stash can see the pictures on the pages she reads to him.

Both Tom and Diane Pirc, Stash's owners,  agree that Stash's patience and intuitiveness should not be wasted. He must not just sit at home if he can help a child read and in the process create many smiles all around.