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Why An Independent Breed Registry Is Desirable
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Why An Independent Breed Registry Is Desirable.


For years, we have relied on AKC for registration of our purebred dogs, and for years it was to our advantage to do this.  With no validation other than the signature of the breeder, the AKC registration gave the illusion of quality breeding.  With the recent scandal in the AKC registration system, it is time to take another look at this process and consider alternatives. 


Technology is now available that will allow us to manage our own breed registry efficiently and much more effectively than the current AKC registration process.  If a breed club provided its own registry, the club would be able to screen for undesirable characteristics and ensure that the breed integrity is being served. 


A good example of this is the Coton de Tulear breed clubs.  USACTC and ACC both manage independent registrations that address such issues as faults, coloring and traits, spay/neutering, and ACC requires veterinarian validation for issuing a registration for a breedable dog.  This allows the club to manage the quality of the outcome and ensures that the breed will continue to be improved by breeding practices. 


The AKC process has historically relied on performance in the ring to validate outcome.  While this is important, we all know that there are AKC champions who do not meet OFA qualifications.  AKC makes no attempt to reconcile this in its registration process, and thereby does not protect the breedís structural integrity.  


An effective registration system does not have to be a cumbersome endeavor.  Careful structure of the registration process would benefit the breed club by providing statistical data that would allow breeders to make informed decisions in their breeding efforts.  It would allow the breed club to track such issues as disease and undesirable traits and make this information available to breeders.  Managing its registration process would allow a breed club to be in contact with the buyers of the puppies and thereby provide support and would provide information that has not been available under the AKC registration system. 


Finally, a breed registration system would provide revenue for the club.  Not only would it cover the costs of managing it, but it would also provide revenue to benefit the breed.  With all of the benefits of independent breed registration it is hard to justify not providing this on behalf of the breed we love. 


Mary J. McKennan

Awangarda PONs