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Flinkbein kennel

kennel Flinkbein
Taija Tuohilampi

Lepsämäntie 545
01830 Lepsämä
tel. +358 445367176

New Year's Resolutions for Your Beloved PONS



Make sure your PON sees a veterinarian at least once a year for annual exams and professional advice. Avoid online experts who lack veterinary expertise. This includes keeping your PON's vaccine status up-to-date and checking for dental health, lumps and bumps, heart murmurs and other things PON owners may not notice at home. Breeders may wish to inquire about genetics before attempting additional breedings.

Be consistent with home health care for your PON, and give prescribed medication as directed. Avoid changing dosages without consulting your vet.

Keep your PON on year-round, monthly heartworm preventative. Regularly use flea/tick prevention, even if you have an indoor PON. Don't listen to rumors and get the facts.

 Seriously consider some type of pet identification, whether it is a tag or a microchip. Photos are also a good way to help identify your PON if it should become lost or stolen. In general, avoid allowing your PON to roam free. Supervise visits to dog parks.

Pay close attention to your PON. They get bored and may become destructive without attention. Consider purchasing new doggie toys if old ones are chewed.

Polish up your PON's obedience. Practice at home or go to local classes. Teach your PON a new, fun, interactive game like fetch or speak. This keeps your PON motivated. Learn pet massage,either locally or long distance. Message can th help  give relief to senior arthritic PONS and it is also a good way to bond with your PON over a long term time frame.

Pay attention to your PON's general hygiene and use a weight management plan. Exercise and limit high fat treats. Owners may  discover new lumps or bumps that need to be checked by a family veterinarian. Brush your PON's teeth and/or have a professional take care of your PON's dental hygiene. Learn to clip your PON's toenails or take them somewhere to have them clipped. Long nails are uncomfortable and sometimes grow into foot pads or break, which is very painful.

Check to sure that collars fit properly, and check the collar on a regular basis. Owners should be able to slide two fingers underneath the collar. Consider buying new collars on a yearly basis.

PON proof your house. Keep poisons in locked cabinets, keep poisonous plants and electrical cords out of reach.

 Check with your national breed club about current health issues in the breed and do independent research on health conditions.

 Consider volunteering either locally at a shelter or with your national PON club.