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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog



Running Game Photos' this month !

PON Day - Nizinnyverbondsdag, Holten, Netherlands


Our special PON day called Nizinnyverbondsdag in Holten at the home of Henk and Ria Bakker from kennel Pon Piekarz. We have played games and we made a small evaluation of all the puppies, not older than 18 months. We have had a lovely weather a very nice BBQ,  a lottery with small and big presents. All the dogs were playing the whole day and everybody  had a lot of fun. Together with Henk Bakker , Gerda Steekers have judged the puppies( the woman in the blue dress).

Note: Additional photos' will be uploaded in the September edition. No one has been forgotten.  The Netherlands has awesome PONS ! Please send an e-mail for necessary corrections. Thank you.


Enjoy viewing Running Game Photos' this month !