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Seaweed for PONS ?

Seaweed for PONS as a health supplement? This natural remedy is full of minerals including iodine, and is most frequently used to aid thyroid function. Please consult your family veterinarian for professional advice.

Seaweed is subject to absorbing environmental toxins and therefore, the source is important. Irish and Norwegian seaweed is known to be the healthiest type of seaweed. Dr. Pitcairn (Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats) uses kelp in his supplement recipe.


    Benefits of seaweed include:
  • iodine in kelp is necessary for proper thyroid function
  • balances hypertension
  • aids bone healing
  • heals and prevents mineral deficiencies
  • heals arthritis
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • high cholesterol
  • kidney and bladder infections
  • cancer
  • heavy metal accumulation
  • infections
  • mastitis
  • skin disease
  • senility
  • respiratory disorders
  • antioxidant
  • combats radiation exposure


Additional nutritious choices for canine supplements are dulse seaweed and spirulina which have considerable health benefits. Spirulina contains no iodine.

In research by Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M, the following improvements over a six month period were observed:

  • Animals with heavy flea infestations appeared less attractive to insects after three weeks of supplementation.
  • Increased activity, weight gain and better coat condition in senior dogs and cats.
  • Less flaky skin
  • Less scratching
  • Coats became thicker and shinier

He also states that it helped control flea dermatitis, food allergies, pancreatic deficiencies, glandular-immune imbalances and chronic hepatitis in dogs.

Seaweed options are varied and include:

Kelp powder capsules

Dulse Seaweed Liquid


Alfalfa Sprouts

Dehydrated seaweed

 All of the above are healthy additions to your PON's diet. Again, please consult your vet on the most reliable sources. The best medicine is good nutrition. Good health is a process which takes patience and dedicated research. Good luck !