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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



PON von Regensdorf , Switzerland


Remedies for Stained beards

PON owners often complain about stained beards and the causes may be complex.
Sometimes those nasty stains on the beard may be triggered by the oxidation of  saliva, artificial coloration within food and treats, or a yeast infection called Ptyrosporin or “red yeast,” the very same culprit that causes unsightly tear stains in several breeds. Commercial dog food that is heavy in grains and cereals also contribute to this problem, consequently offering a diet with low or no grains or cereals may help, as well as using stainless steel or crockery dog dishes instead of plastic and keeping them scrupulously clean. 

There are several reasons why some PONS tear and stain more than others and why they tear more often than other times. Any one or all the below factors can result in stains:

  • Diet: Low quality commercial dog food can result in bad tear stain. A change in diet can also affect a minority of them.
  • Teething: During teething, puppies have a tendency toward watery eyes.
  • In Heat: Female dogs tend to stain when they are in season.
  • Environment: There are certain times of the year when the eyes may be more greatly affected by irritants such as pollen dust count is high, or when the air is filled with man-made irritants, i.e. room deodorizers, sawdust, and so on.

That said, the best solution for facial stains in dogs is a product called Angels’ Eyes. I am not a professional chemist, but it increases the circulating compounds in the PON's system that react with light to produce those ugly stains. In other words, it changes body chemistry. A more technical explanation is available on their website.

Administered in powdered form, it is sprinkled on your PON's food with every meal, a teaspoon each time for a dog the size of your average PON. If your PON balk's at the taste, you can add it to their water instead. You will notice a difference within a few weeks. As the stains diminish, you can cut back to using it about four times a week. In the meantime, have your groomer trim out the stained hair so the clean white hair can grow in. The company also makes a cleaning kit called Eye Envy that contains liquid, powder, and pads for follow-up care. In most cases,  the Angels’ Eyes itself and a daily wash with witch hazel will work well for your PON's staining problems.

In addition, Pampers fragrance-free baby wipes clean the under-eye and beard areas, and there are pet wipes on the market as well for such daily cleanups.  use a whitening shampoo to wash your PON's face – and his whole body. Please be careful not to get the lather in your PON's eyes  to avoid other problems.Show dog folks have all sorts of secret remedies to combat eye and beard stains, but many contain bleach or dyes so I would not advise using them on your PON. When in doubt, consult your family vet.

Alternative advice:

  a).  Eliminate all food that contains red dye. 

 b).  Apply a cotton ball to wipe the affected areas daily with Chamomile tea.

 c).  Sprinkle a half teaspoon of parsley flakes on your PON's  food everyday.

  d).  Give a half to a whole Tums tablet once a day to change the PH balance over time.  If your PON is prone to bladder stones, the Tums tablet isn't recommended. 

 e).  Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your PON's fresh water everyday.

 For staining around the mouth and beard, try the following:

 Ginger ale or chalk can remove stains or cover for a period of time. Paint ginger ale on with a toothbrush and leave on as long as possible.  This works best on saliva stains.  Please keep us updated on your success as you cope with stains on your PON.

Good luck !