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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog





Stash is CH. Bogdanka King Stanislas Posy'Pirc, CGC, TDI, HD (CH. Czort
Nerita x CH. Nowinka Kosy Dziechcinek). Tom and Diane Pirc of Hartford,
Wisconsin, USA are privileged to be his owners.




Stash, "Therapy Dog International - Paws" visiting a first grade class at St. Gabriel School, Wisconsin




Hi Everyone!

Stash here.  I'm the one in the middle.

I guess I can now say I am truly a real therapy dog.  I've passed my
tests, got insurance, my daddy has a special badge to wear and I have a
bright red bandana that says "Therapy Dog International-Paws Awhile for
Love".  I feel so proud when mom ties the bandana around my neck.  But
the really most important part is that I have a first grade class of
thirteen children to visit with each Friday morning at 9:30 at St.
Gabriel Grade School in Hubertus, Wisconsin  USA.

My first visit was November 4th and Dr. Judy Mortell the principal
introduced me to all the classes as a "very special dog".  I felt so
important and my mom and daddy were smiling from ear to ear.  Right now
my daddy and I just visit my new friends in first grade, but  soon we
will also be spending time with the 7th graders-the bigger kids.  Wow! I
hope I fit in okay.

The second visit with my first graders daddy  taught the kids how to
correctly pet a dog.  I sat so still  paying close attention to each
little boy and girl as they came up to me one by one with a closed fist
then slowly turning their fist over and opening it up to scratch my
chin.  That sure felt good.  One little boy told daddy he was a little
afraid to pet me and daddy said that was okay maybe next time.  I'm
thinking maybe the little boy never was close to a dog before.  I didn't
feel bad just sorry for the little boy.

Next visit daddy talked about washing hands and that it was a good idea
to wash hands before eating and after petting animals.  Daddy also
explained that before I get a bath (YUK!) I get brushed first and then
my coat does not have so many tangles after I'm dried.  Some of the
little girls have very long hair even longer than me and they are going
to tell their moms about the comb out before the hair wash.  I guess
they don't like the snarls at comb out time either.

My last visit so far daddy asked the teacher to hold me outside the
classroom while he hid some dog treats around the room.  I wanted to
show the boys and girls how I play "Go Find".  It's lots of fun finding
all the yummies.  The lesson my daddy explained was that dogs have
really great noses and can smell lots better than humans.  Sometimes if
a child gets very lost their mom and dad lets a very special dog smell
the little boy or girl's clothes and it is very possible the dog will be
able to find the lost child just by sniffing around for them.

Got to go now and play outside with my little sister, Paczki but I'll
write again with more of my adventures being a therapy dog.

Love, Stash

Stash is CH. Bogdanka King Stanislas Posy'Pirc, CGC, TDI, HD (CH. Czort
Nerita x CH. Nowinka Kosy Dziechcinek).  Tom and Diane Pirc of Hartford,
Wisconsin, USA are privileged to be his owners.

At a very tender age Stash demonstrated an extraordinary degree of
empathy towards others and the ability to perceive neediness. Stash also
owns the notable Pon traits of exceptional intelligence and memory,
steadfastness and a generous sprinkling of gentleness.  He is (as many
Pons could be with proper nurturing) a perfect therapy dog.

The November issue of Pon Digest ** offers a comprehensive list of
organizations whose focus is therapy dogs.


(Note: please see "previous editions" - November,2009 on the front page of PON Digest)