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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog






Stash with sheep - "Ch. Bogdanka King Stanislas Posy O'Pirc CGC, TD"
"Stash is owned by Tom and Diane Pirc, Hartford, Wisconsin USA"





Stash with Sheep


       On a cloudy early spring day, April 13,2009 our Stash proved his
strong instinct for herding sheep.  We drove up to Cascade Mountain near
Madison, Wisconsin to visit with John Wentz.  John is a sheep herding
judge and also runs a sheep herding ranch with his numerous border
collies.  His compound is called "Yellow Boots" and as you climb the
winding road  his big yellow mailbox will greet you and usher you into
the ranch.  Take caution because there are sheep galore and border
collies  "to boot".

        As we drove in we saw that John was prepared for Stash.  He had
a rather large circular enclosure at the ready with nine (what we
thought) very large sheep just staring us down.  We sure hoped Stash was
just as ready.  Initially,  John asked that Stash watch from outside the
fencing.   Stash watched earnestly while one of John's border collies
went through the exercise for about five minutes.  Then John's dog was
commanded  to leave the enclosure. The sheep scattered. Now it was
Stash's turn to show his stuff.   Stash took charge immediately
gathering the sheep together in a group and keeping them that way for
the entire time he was with the sheep.  Occasionally, one would venture
away from the group and Stash would bring it back like a mother hen. 
John said that had the day been an official judging event Stash would
have passed with flying colors.  Prior to this event Stash had had no
exposure to sheep in any capacity.

       One of the proudest days of all the times with our Stash.

       Tom and Diane Pirc
       Hartford, Wisconsin