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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



Gerda Steekers

"Exquisite Wonder" -The Netherlands 




Staying home alone

by Gerda Steekers


All my dogs have a problem with staying home alone. However, with all three of them together, it's not such a big problem. I can't leave one dog alone at home. I didn't practice enough with them to stay alone, because I have three and I don't want to walk with them each of them separately, simply because I don't have the time for that.

To avoid problems for staying alone, you have to practice from the start. There are a lot of strategies for teaching your PON puppy to stay alone :
  • Start with leaving the puppy alone in the room if you have to go to the bathroom.
  • If you go to an other room or upstairs, your puppy will get used to staying alone even for a short period.
  • Walk around your house and come inside after 2 minutes.
  • Shut each door when you go to an other room.
  • Give the puppy a little cookie if it is difficult for him to stay alone for a while.
  • Don't give him attention when you return to the room. Teach him to stay calm by ignoring him.
  • Make it clear for the puppy he has to stay alone for a while.
Every exercise lasts only one or two minutes. If the puppy is not happy, consider making the exercise even shorter and start with 30 seconds until he becomes relaxed. If he can stay alone for a few minutes you can leave home and listen at the door to determine if he is calm. When he can stay calm for 20 minutes, he can stay  alone longer at home.Sometimes he may stay alone for 30 minutes and then suddenly he is not calm after 2 or 3 minutes. If so, then you have to start all over again. Don't go inside when he is not calm but wait until he is calm and then go inside and ignore him. Don't ever give him attention or treats for being such a nice puppy who can stay alone at home.

Before you leave home, be sure your puppy did his duty and had enough exercise so he is a bit tired and is inclined to go to sleep. Offer him a little cookie before you leave home (he will know you are leaving). Good luck and please keep us updated on your puppy's progress.