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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog






Kennel Ambergini's - Sweden




Make your own PON Toys !


Rope Toy


Find three old t-shirts, braid them and tie them with yarn at the end. It is just as fun as the ones from the store. This rope toy for PONS only takes 2 minutes to create and offers hours of fun!!!!!



PON play house


All you need is a cardboard box. Cut off the edges and make a little door hole for your PON to go in and have his/her private space !



Sock Monkey PON Toy


~Things you will need~

-5 old socks
-1 small ball

Just put the ball in 1 sock (the head) and tie 2 socks close to the head for arms, and do the same down lower for the legs, and then 1 more for the tail. This is a simple toy you can make, everyone has a couple of old socks lying around, and PONS will love it!!!



Never ending Frisbee


Take the lid of a quart size yogurt or cottage cheese container (use a smaller lid 6 ounce yogurt for puppies). Don't bother to clean it....your PON will lick any yogurt off the lid.

THROW the new INDOOR Frisbee around inside the house. This lightweight, fast flying Frisbee will not damage household items, it flies very fast, and gives your PON a great indoor game.

PS: If your PON is a chewer like mine, be sure to remove the toy if they start using it as a chew toy instead of just a catch and retrieve toy. Monitor their play. My PONS know when I open yogurt now that they are going to get a new toy!

BONUS: Most of these containers are #5 lids and are nonrecyclable, so you are recycling something even though it's not officially recyclable!




PON treat swing toy


All you need to do is get a plastic container like a milk carton and make small holes close to the top, one on each side, so you can tie it onto a rope.

Then put dog treats in the carton. Make one hole in the carton big enough so your PON can get the treats out. Tie the rope onto a tree branch but make sure it does NOT hit the ground. Then all you do is swing it and your PON will try to get the treats out.




PON Fishing Pole Toy


This is one of my PONS favorite toys! They can play with it for hours!
You will need:

- A three foot long stick (about half an inch thick)

- About five feet of yarn ( the stronger the better)

- An old stuffed animal ( not too big or it is hard to use)

Tie the yarn to the end of the stick very tightly, and tie the stuffed animal to the yarn. Use it kind of like a fishing pole and fling it around the yard. Try not to let your PON get it!

P.S It is fun to use an animal that your PON would like to be chasing like a squirrel or rabbit


A fond thank you to PON lovers for contributing these ideas !