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Flinkbein kennel

kennel Flinkbein
Taija Tuohilampi

Lepsämäntie 545
01830 Lepsämä
tel. +358 445367176



Understanding Your PON

Although your PON can't speak a human language and lacks hands and fingers for gesturing as humans do, you can still observe key parts of his body to determine how he is feeling and reacting to the world around him.

  • The famous PON Smile - A canine's facial muscles are not as refined as a human's, but your PON can still wrinkle or straighten his forehead to show confusion or determination under all that fur. His famous PON smile is a good example of illustrating his mood. If your PON wants attention, fur or no fur, he will stare at you, until you get up and give him that ball or open the garden door. Try addressing him by another name and he may tilt his head to one side.

  • Being PON Naughty -  We often observe PON tongues when they are excited and overheated, but we also notice them when they are about to be naughty and are daring us to show our dominance over them. Of course, some PONS show their tongues after being naughty  and dare their owners to take action.

  • Wagging their bottoms - Not having tails, does not stop some PONS from wagging their bottoms when happy and welcoming family members ! European visitors are invited to describe how their PONS with tails react when excited,etc.

  • Vocalizations - Canines by nature, tend to be vocal animals and PONS are no exception. They yip, bark, whimper, howl, and growl, according to circumstances. The pitch or volume of their sounds can increase with their level of emotion. Hungry PONS have extremely high pitched sounds. The opposite holds true when they warn of approaching strangers. A bark may be playful or aggressive. Unlike body signals, PON barks can mean different things from different PONS and each one has a distinctive bark. In fact, I can always tell who is barking when in a another part of the house and listen to them barking.  Can you tell apart your PON voices ?


  • PON Posture tells it all !

    PONS learn body language from their mothers during the first  weeks of their lives and they test out this form of communication with their littermates. If a dog lacks this vital training, he will have trouble communicating with other canines throughout life.

  • Normal posture for PONS - Your PON appears alert with his head held forward and somewhat relaxed jaw. He has a proud way of walking and enjoys being taken for strolls.

  • Play activities - Your PON holds his head forward and may extend his paw to you or perhaps lean his head to one side to catch your attention. Some PONS will press their cold noses against their owners as well !It's their "custom" !

        *  Fear -  Some PONS react to thunderstorms and may dash towards  a safe place in the house to take cover. Others may react by barking back at thunder.   

  • Submission - Your PON may roll around on the ground and possibly shake himself in stressful situations. This situation normally does not last very long with most PONS.


The PON Sense of Time !


The PON sense of time is connected with his herding abilities and when they wake you up at the same time every morning, consider it as a type of herding behavior.  Look for additional articles on the subject of herding in the not too distinct future.