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Vacationing with your PON



Taking a vacation with your PON can be fun if some basic rules are followed. The most popular  mode of transportation is travel by car and most PON thoroughly enjoy long country drives. A relaxed, well planned car trip can be fun for both PON and their family since it offers them an opportunity to view the scenery, travel at their own pace, and enjoy frequent stops and walks along the way.

These tips will insure a safe, fun road trip for all PONS.:

Make sure your PON is fit and healthy for traveling. Older PONS in particular, or those who have medical conditions, should be examined by a vet prior to road trips. If your PON shouldn't travel, or has motion sickness, find a responsible and trusted kennel, family member or pet-sitter. Don't take unnecessary risks which will lead to emergency veterinary visits.


Take frequent rest stops so that you and your PON can stretch your legs and take a potty break. PON have been known to dash out  car doors, so be sure he is securely restrained before opening that door. Also, it's best to have someone sit close to your PON during road trips.


Keep your PON in the back seat. It's safer for both you and him, and will help to prevent him from distracting the family driver or getting in the way, in case the driver needs to perform some emergency maneuvering or focus on traffic conditions.


Consider the use of a restraint such as a kennel or a pet seat-belt. It will offer extra protection in case of an accident, as well as prevent nervous or excitable PONS from distracting the driver. This sets a good example for children in the family as well !


Don't let your PON hang his head out the window. Flying debris can be kicked up from tires or it can fall off the car or truck in front of you. Any of this may hit your pon and can cause injury. Also, small  items or flying insects can cause eye problems and infections to your PON.


Offer water regularly. PONS can become dehydrated, in the same way that humans can become dehydrated during warm weather months.. Keep a handy supply of cool water and a dish in the car. You can even freeze small containers of water for long road trip.


Bring documentation on rabies and other shots as well as a health certificate to conform with individual state regulations.


Make lodging plans in advance. It can be a challenge to find hotels/motels that will accept your PON at the last moment. By booking ahead, you will ensure that both you and your PON have a safe place to stay.


Adequate planning will increase your vacation fun with your PON So......have a happy, healthy vacation during August ! Send us your vacation photos' !