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Coping with allergies during cold weather months


 Most PON owners find it difficult to believe that environmental-inhalant allergies bother PONS during cold weather months. Online research has revealed that inhalant allergies my include pollens, dust, molds, and insect particles. According to scientific sources, tree pollens tend to be worse in the spring, grass pollens in the spring and summer while weed pollens are worse in the fall.  Molds and house dust are worse in the winter months but they may show up at any time, especially when the weather is humid or when it has  been raining and snowing. 

                Keeping windows closed, using air filters either as room units or on furnaces help, but it is virtually impossible to completely avoid pollens even in the most closed environments. Nevertheless, PONS do need to go outside in all weather conditions.    There are some chemicals that cut down on house dust mites concentrations; however, some of these may stain carpets and must be tried out first before using.  Cutting back on fabric for upholstery, rugs and frequent washing of bed coverings and the use of mattress and pillow covers is really the first line of minimizing house dust mite concentrations

How else can you reduce your PON's inhalant allergies ?

Visit your vet for allergy shots and follow his/her advice.

Install an air cleaner. The industrial-quality models that bolts into the air intake or outlet of your central heating and cooling unit is more effective than the $14.95 special at the local hardware store. They're good,  at removing pollen that's already in the air

Buy a dehumidifier. Keeping the air clean in your home will bring relief from pollens, mold. Keeping it dry will help put a stop to dust mite problems, too. Generally, the drier, the better.

Wipe down humid areas with fungicides. Clorox kills mold, and unlike some other exotic chemicals, you can get it in many grocery stores. Wipe down surfaces in your bathroom as needed to control problems. The Clorox label suggests you clean floors, vinyl, tile, woodwork, and appliances (Clorox will bleach fabrics) with a solution of 3/4 cup Clorox bleach per gallon of water. Let stand 5 minutes and rinse. Use a regular fungicide for tough locations like the basement.

Get rid of your carpets. For allergic PONS sensitive to house dust, or mold, carpets are an absolute negative. They make an almost perfect environment for dust mites and molds, and the tightly woven modern carpet very effectively attracts and holds pollen. Steam cleaning may not reduce mold and pollen.

 Changing your house may seem extreme, but if you would like to raise a healthy, allergy free PON, this may be the best solution. Good luck.