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Swancrest PONS




Ben Goes to his New Home


We are in the middle of a heat wave right now, so it is very hard for my puppies to get to their new homes.  And, so the adventure begins.


It is three thirty am at the house and I am up.  First the older dogs need to be fed, and then I will let the pup flying, out to take care of his business.  I gave him and his litter mates food in the wee hours of the morning and the gang is now ready for a nap. 

Big red, better know as Ben is flying in cabin to Philly, I am escorting him.  He will have a one way flight for $85. and I will have a round trip one for about $450.  We rush to O’Hare leaving the house at four am to get a six thirty flight. 

Parking requires a train to terminal one, and Ben, Lovie Pup, is in his bag, head out and looking to charm all the travelers.  This is going to be great.

Some stop and look, other say things—


“Is it an adult?”

‘Does he bite?”

"How much is he?”

"How big will he get?”

“Do you have others?”

"I guess the dogs are supporting you.”


I smile and try to answer and be polite.  Everyone is very kind and it is too hot to get upset.  I do not like the heat, and neither do my dogs.  Check in and security goes well.  We have a slight problem when he needs to go back into his carrier.  He would rather be held.  He's no dummy.. We go to the farthest gate at the end of the terminal and get a seat way in the back in the middle of a row.  This will not work, but the flight is full—no seats to change to and it is only a two hour flight, we will survive. 

Ben is up to it.  The stewardess in from Atlanta.  She has a Bichon, and brings Ben ice in a small cup.  He is grateful and licks her hand.  She takes him out of his carrier and gives him a hug.  This is going to be fun.  Ben loves her and she is his slave.

The window seat asks for a drink of water and is told that he will have to wait.  He is not cute nor cuddly.  If he had a pup with him he would have gotten his drink.  I can see that Ben will be a success at whatever he puts his paw to.

The flight is short and Ben gets a second helping of ice.  He is thrilled.  All he has to do is roll his eyes and he charms all.

We arrive at the gate and disembark.  Ben says goodbye to the crew and sticks his head out a little to see where he has been, and might be heading. 

The terminal is too hot for us and it is a long way to security where his new parents are waiting. 


They are full of love as I show them his book and give them his food.  Surprise—there are four cats at the house.  This is a plus for Ben.  There will be something to chase and aggravate.  Life could not be better..  Philly and cats.  What more could a dog called Ben want.  The land of Benjamin Franklin beckons and Ben is happy to be in Pennsylvania.


I am back home now—still not likeing the heat. 

Will I deliver a pup again ?  Yes.  If I have a good home, I will do any thing to keep that home.  Flying with a dog is not hard.  Remember to bring his flight papers from the vet and food, toys, towels for a cleaning, and some cookies.  We shared pancakes from Mc Donald’s.  Ben loved them.  He liked the scrambled egg too.

Puppy clients sometimes can not come and get their pups.  Dogs can not fly in this heat.  I have no way of knowing when the weather will change, but the pups are ready to bond with their humans when they are over eight weeks old. 

Good homes are hard to come by.  I loved some of the attention that we got from some of the passengers.  We made friends for the breed.  I had a good time—I am tired now, but one of the pups has a super home and I am happy.   



Magda Hirata








Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful - Ann Landers