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Special Needs PONS - Blind PONS


PON owners of special needs PONS are warmly welcome to contribute to this series on special needs PONS. This month, we will focus on blind PONS.

Owners of blind/visually impaired PONS need  support and information in an effort to help them cope with the challenge of living with a beloved blind PON. There are many causes of blindness which include cataracts, PRA, Diabetes, etc.

Blind PONS can successfully lead relatively normal lives  if owners are positive about their care and follow a number of practical  guidelines. It is often difficult to determine if a PON is blind until they start bumping into walls and furniture. Eye testing is vital for all PONS, regardless of whether they are show dogs or pets.

Basically, keeping your PON's environment the same, by resisting the urge to  move furniture around, will help a lot. If furniture needs to be moved, remember that it takes a while for your PON to get used to the new arrangement.

PONS need to be encouraged to use smell and hearing to compensate for vision loss. You might consider spraying heavy furniture with a scent to make sure they don't bump into it.  Pools need to be fenced, in order to avoid tragedies.

Having other PONS or pets in the household is a big help because they tend to guide each other through the house. Try and keep crates in the same location. Owners may need to use baby crates to block off areas of the house which may prove dangerous, such as stairs. Place mats on the top and bottom of stairs.

Flower essences and an anxiety wrap may help those PONS who become nervous to be able to relax and enjoy life.

Dog toys with sounds may appeal to your PON much more than ever before. There are lots of new dog toys on the market and you just need to look around for ones which suit both of you. Avoid moving water and food bowls to new locations.

Take more time while walking your PON. Let him enjoy the chirping of birds and the aroma of flowers. This has greater meaning these days.

You still need to observe your PON's eyes on a daily basis for changes which may be painful if they become infected.


You will need a lot of patience when coping with your sight-impaired PON. Owners are encouraged to exchange experiences and advice.