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Isabella's Snowy love bug !




December, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions about PON'S You've Always Wanted to Know !



My holiday guests like to give my Pon table scraps and other holiday foods. How can I discourage them ? They don't understand the difference between a home crafted diet and holiday foods.



The answer is simple! Tell them that they will need to clean up messes which result from high fat gravies and other rich holiday foods.


Which food helps prevent canine gum disease ?



Please read the article on cranberries in this issue of PON Digest.


My Pon has a very sensitive digestive system and I'd like to know which foods will calm down upsets. Any ideas' ?



Try offering pumpkin/yogurt and if you live near a supermarket that has kefir, you are blessed because kefir has a lot of good bacteria which will help a canine digestive system.


 I would like to get to know other Pon owners in order to exchange information and advice. How can I do this ?


Please join some of the Pon lists on the front page of this publication.




PON Facts

A good diet may prevent  dental and gum problems. Read the article about cranberries in this month's issue of PON Digest.






"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man." - Mark Twain