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PON Horoscopes

 Which Astrological Sign belongs to your PON ?

Capricorn PON (Born between December 22nd - January 19th) Don't give in to temptation at Petsmarkt/Petco (or your favorite supply store) when looking at fancy packaging. Focus on the list of ingredients and be careful of foods which may trigger allergic reactions. When was the last time that you really looked at your PON'S teeth ? Your gossip session might end up biting you on the bottom if that person you confided in, is a fence crosser. Silence is golden.


 Aquarius PON (Born between January 20th - February 18th) Zany PON - Consider the health history of your PON'S potential mate rather than the political side of matters. Think for yourself when you post on lists and avoid being someone's wingman. Your PON will find that missing item at home and chew it up. Do your spring cleaning early this year. Hots spots may not go away without a lot of help and good advice. Where is Auntie Wendy when your PON rips out it's fur as a result of inhalant allergies, regardless of diet ?? Think for yourself and avoid being lead down a garden path of power and intrigues.


 Pisces PON (Born between February 19th - March 20th) If you still haven't heard back about your choice of club committees, consider calling those in power and establish a good relationship with them. Remember that being on the PON side of politics is more important than trying to please those whose main agenda is a power grab. Inform yourself of all the latest developments so that you can make an informed decision which is good for the breed. That health crisis will be resolved with professional help. Don't panic and stay with professional advice and experience.


Aries PON (Born between March 21st - April 19th) Feisty PON - Read the veterinary report on raw diets before making a final decision to switch over to it. Consult your state's veterinary association as well as the national veterinary association about adverse efforts of such a diet.  Don't give in to pressure on this topic. When was the last time you were called upon to participate in club activities ?? Do you agree with club policies ? Discuss your views on PON Politics. No one will try and block your postings over there. Good friends in the breed are invaluable.



 Taurus Dog (Born between April 20th - May 20th) Take it easy PON - Your Taurus PON tends to be very laid back, but nevertheless, your PON needs protection from those who are interested in protecting their own and not others in the breed.  Become empowered and get to know other PON owners at shows. Express your views openly and know that it takes courage to speak out on issues. Another vitamin company will be in the news. Be careful with supplements. 


Gemini PON (Born between May 21st - June 20th) Gregarious PON - This month's PON gets into it very often and right now, needs a good grooming session. Read the article on grooming and you will surely learn something new about it.  That "advisor" thinks she knows a lot about everything, but in fact, her influence causes more problems than anything else. Have you checked your supply of heartworm pills ? You may need to contact your vet in the near future. Someone you know has had puppy buyers return a puppy because of grooming issues. Perhaps you might consider adopting another PON into your household.



Cancer PON (Born between June 21st - 21st July) Family PON - This month's PON tends to relate very well to other dogs and adding additional PONS to the household would work well. Socialization courses may be necessary for newcomers to your home so that you have a general atmosphere of peace and well being. One family member is not really all that devoted to dogs, but your number one PON has converted him. Consider ways of getting away for a short holiday to relieve pressure on all family members. Call your vet for advice.



 Leo PON (Born between July 22nd - August 22nd) Proud PON  - Have you considered becoming involved with tracking training with your PON ? If so, call a national association which can send you in the right direction. Your PON has an excellent nose and will do well with this activity and may even be called upon to help locate lost children. Keep records of all activities. That problem with inhalant allergy triggers may become worse through the years and requires additional testing with a specialized vet. Avoid breed gossip. Consider the well being of PONS before becoming involved with private agendas.



Virgo PON (Born between August 23rd - September 23rd) Working PON - This PON truly enjoys being active and doesn't appreciate being slowed down because of problems with joints. Consider fish oil (if your PON doesn't have reactions to it) and massage. The more activities you become involved with, the happier your PON. Be aware of coat issues when doing sports activities.  If you don't have an agility group in your area, try and form one. Observe other dog owners at existing agility groups and notice their dogs. Take photos' when doing agility.




Libra PON (Born between September 24th - October 22nd) Well-behaviored PON - most of the time, except when approached by another dog who unexpectedly has come on the scene in your area. Take precautions and avoid trouble. How do your transport your PON when driving? Don't take changes when in heavy traffic. You will be contacted by someone who will offer you an opportunity to serve on a club committee. Jump at the chance. Avoid participating on private lists which have been formed to further the private agenda of some in the breed.



Scorpio PON (Born between October 23rd - November 21st)  That salt and sand aren't exactly the best for dogs and you need to carefully clean your PON'S paws. A bug is making the rounds this winter and may cause some problems. Be prepared and consult your vet if you notice a lack of appetite or other problems. The dry hot air in your house is causing your PON's coat some problems which you need to deal with on your own. Add fish oil if your PON isn't allergic to fish.



Sagittarius PON (Born between November 22nd - December 21st) Adventurous PON - Your Sagittarius PON has an adventurous spirit  and this month....uh oh...has gotten into mischief which may require a vet's attention if you aren't careful. You better make sure and clear your home of all kinds of foods which may cause a dog digestive upsets and worse. Be careful of online advice which may make matters worse. When in doubt, consult a vet. That newcomer is trying to play it both ways and you better be careful with any information you may have on others in the breed.