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CH White Star's Bentley on January, 2007 Show Circuit






from  Mr Jerzy Olszewski (Sylena); revised and translated

by Mr Miroslaw Redlicki



There are many schools and tips on how to groom a pon to perfection; everybody agrees, though, that regular grooming, using professional products from well known and established companies is the only way to keep a pon in good shape. Nothing looks more upsetting than a matted, filthy dog.


There are still some people who use human products in grooming; nevertheless, I strongly advocate using special dog products, as our skin and hair differ a lot from those of a dog. Which brand to use is a matter of trial and error , as a lot depends on the actual type of coat. It is well known that pons come in different coats. One, who has been with the breed for a longer time will notice that – unfortunately – coats have become more difficult to groom in recent years.   Breeders should be aware of this, as it does not make much sense to breed dogs which, no matter how showy, are actually a headache to their owners because of elaborate and time-consuming grooming, which an average owner can hardly cope with.


I start bathing a puppy from the time it is 3 months old, just to get it used to grooming and to have its coat well kept and nourished from the earliest age.After having moistened the hair with warm, but not hot water, I apply some shampoo, working in one direction so the coat is not tangled. Rinse thoroughly and repeat shampooing, finishing with conditioner. In case the coat is dry and thin, apply some oil.

Pons can (and perhaps even should) be bathed every 2-3 weeks. In my experience, frequent bathing promotes good coat growth. Modern products clean the coat, and they also contain necessary nourishments to help it grow. Among many products there are some I found particularly good for pons. The French brand JEAN PIERRE HERY offers good shampoos – "Proteine” and "Vitalite Poils Long”.  I found another French brand – KHARA – that offers excellent products.

Rowniez firma "LASER LITES" proponuje nam delikatny szampon z lanoliną
"#1 ALL SYSTEM”  has at least three shampoos – "Super Cleaning shampoo”, "Pure White Lightening shampoo (for light-coloured coats)  and "Self Rinse shampoo” with lemon and lime. One more useful product is "Stabiliser & Coat Re-Texturiser”; used twice a month, it cleanses coat from any residues of previously used oils and sprays, kills germs and restores correct pH of skin. It is particularly good to treat skin irritation. French Iv SAN BERNARD is also worth recommending. It offers basic shampoo "Green Apple” along with the "Purifying shampoo” and "KE Avocado Oil no Oil”, the latest designed especially for dull and matted coats. One more product is by LASER LITES - the mild shampoo with lanoline.  


Combing and brushing


Combing and brushing cannot be done on a dry coat – it must be first moistened with a coat conditioner, and this is of extreme importance! Whenever any matt or tangle has been found, it must be first separated with fingers and combed out. Some oil applied on the matt will help with separating the fur. Comb and brush layer after layer, paying special attention to belly, feet and ears.


Grooming tools


Basic tools are wide, metal comb and bristle brush. Some owners have found English Mason Pearson ® brush  (actually, designed for humans) the best choice.How often to brush is an individual matter. With correct coat texture, twice a month will do, preferably after bathing. With a young dog, I recommend more frequent sessions. Unfortunately, correct coat texture has become rare.




When the coat is dry, damaged and looks unhealthy, „Regenoil” by JPH is a good choice. It is applied 30-60 minutes before bathing. It's one disadvantage is it's strong smell, which I think may be rather unpleasant to a dog’s nose.




Red stains that tend to appear on a dog’s mouth and feet  (this tendency seems to be present in some lines more than in others) can be cleaned with commercial products. However, I believe apple vinegar (1 spoon in a glass of tap water)  cleans stains very well. This must be done every day. Some claim that stains appear more frequently with dogs fed on commercial, dry food.




Must be checked at least once a week, as the breed is prone to ear inflammation. Hair from inside the ear must be gently pulled out with fingers (never cut!).


Improving coat texture


There are many tricks to improve the quality of otherwise soft coats that have become common. I can recommend horse products, designed for show preparation of horse tails and manes. They work miracles....




No product can replace regular and correct grooming. A twice-a-month, good grooming session is a must! If it seems too much for You, buy another breed!