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Buddy and Jamie, the Florida boys




Interview with Julane White, foster mom to Buddy and Jamie



Your patience and hard work with Buddy and Jamie has totally turned around their lives and visitors to PON Digest would love to read about an interview with you.

 "When you agreed to foster these two boys, what were your biggest concerns about them ??"

Shirley, Editor - PON Digest



"I think probably my biggest concern when I agreed to take them was temperament, would they be aggressive. But as it turned out they were very passive to the extreme. Jamie would have run away given half a chance, actually he did try to get out of the fence within 10 minutes of being here, so that was his way of dealing with it, just run away.Buddy just cowered down as low as he could get waiting for someone to inflict pain on him.They had every opportunity to bite us and did not, not even a growl or warning."


"Have you had previous experience with fostering rescues and if so, perhaps you could briefly describe your background with fostering ?"


"I have not had a lot of hands on experience fostering in my home, however was working with my daughter fostering Mini Aussies, they actually stayed at her house next door.  They were owner turn ins, but did have some behavior issues."


"Which advice would you like to offer potential foster families ?"

"My advise to potential foster families would be make sure you have a lot of extra time to spend with them, and very importantly a secure place to keep them.  A lot of patience is a must as with these two boys they knew nothing, had no manners of any kind.  Not their fault, just had never been taught or shown.  If your house is all carpet be ready to have them cleaned, or donít foster, you just have to assume you will be starting from scratch teaching them the rules of living in the house.

Also be prepared to have your heart broken, they may not respond, depends on how long and deep the abuse was.
Then of course when you have succeeded in rehabilitating them you may have to part with them and send them away.  This is, I think, the hardest part of all. Unless you are lucky enough to be able to keep them.  In my case it would not be in the dogs best interest, these boys need a home where they are number one dog, and get all of the attention that they have earned and so deserve.
I will add that the rewards of fostering these two boys will outweigh anything!!  Bringing them from the depths of sorrow and pain and degradation, to happy, loving PONs,  just brings tears to your eyes. You get so excited when they make their first eye contact with you, or except a treat from your hand, give you a kiss, or in this breed, GIVE YOU THE PAW!!!! "


Julane, you've done such a wonderful job with these two boys and all of us in the PON community would like to let you know that we truly appreciate your efforts.  Perhaps we might consider having families complete an online fostering course as part of a Rescue program. Thank you for participating in this heartwarming interview.






Jamie with Judi Merrill (Florida, USA)