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Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog









Le Clan MIKERO, France






PON Horoscopes for January

 Which Astrological Sign belongs to your PON ?

Capricorn PON (Born between December 22nd - January 19th)   Those treats added up to increased pounds for your PON during cold weather months. Offer 1/4 less food per meal to avoid health issues which are connected with weight gain. A crisis is about to erupt this spring and hopefully you have been keeping copies of those e-mails to "friends".


 Aquarius PON (Born between January 20th - February 18th) Zany PON - Longer walks and play sessions will help your PON loose holiday pounds. Reduce those snacks and don't forget to check out chewed on toys. You don't need an emergency visit to your vet, do you ? Don't assume the worst when hearing about the illness of someone in the breed.


 Pisces PON (Born between February 19th - March 20th) Do you check your PON'S paws when returning from snowy walks ? Consider the health history of your PON rather than breed politics. Become empowered and get to know other PON owners at shows. Express your views openly and honestly for the benefit of the breed.


Aries PON (Born between March 21st - April 19th) Feisty PON -  Healthy and happy puppies are in store for you if you do comprehensive health tests and research into the lines of your intended breeding mate. Pay attention to health and documentation. Network among all PON owners for up-to-date information. Subscribe to canine health publications.



 Taurus Dog (Born between April 20th - May 20th) A big diet change may be necessary to get those gunky ears under control. Try crafting your own home cooked diet and add wild rice and green beans for weight control.  Form your own set of ethics.


Gemini PON (Born between May 21st - June 20th) Gregarious PON - Are you up to date on your PON'S shots ? Keep informed of recent changes in vaccination schedules. Clean air vents to control indoor pollen. What works for one PON may not work for another PON. Think for yourself at all times.



Cancer PON (Born between June 21st - 21st July) Family PON - Does your PON have cow hocks ? Ask the advice of those in the show world who are impartial to politics. Common sense instead of breed politics should determine if your PON is show material. You may need to switch handlers if you don't agree with the one you have right now.


 Leo PON (Born between July 22nd - August 22nd) Proud PON  - Avoid steriods for allergy problems if at all possible because they bring their own set of health issues. Brush your PON'S coat after every outing. Try apple cider vinegar for hot spots. Contact other PON owners and network about breed health issues. Don't be afraid to speak up about problems.


Virgo PON (Born between August 23rd - September 23rd) Working PON -  When was the last time your PON attended a socialization class ? Some behavior issues need working on and there is nothing like exchanging ideas with other dog owners.  Avoid breed gossip.




Libra PON (Born between September 24th - October 22nd) Volunteer your services before being asked and avoid giving in to hype.  Sore paws may be a source of possible helth issues if not correctly treated. Consult your vet rather than relying on those who are quick to offer snake oil remedies. That bump on your PON needs to have a vet's attention.



Scorpio PON (Born between October 23rd - November 21st) When was the last time you posted on a PON list ? Why ? Are you having problems with grooming and mats ? Seek out an experienced groomer in your area. Try contacting local owners of double coated dog breeds for advice and possibly an exchange of services. Start your own breed project.



Sagittarius PON (Born between November 22nd - December 21st) Adventurous PON - Your PON may be lactose intolerant if loose stools take place regularly after yogurt has been added to his/her diet. Check this out with a simple veterinary test.  Has your PON suddenly become irritable after a long play session ? Blood tests may reveal new health issues. Make an appointment with your vet this week and have him check out ears and eyes as well.