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January, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about PON'S You've Always Wanted to Know !



How often should I bath my PON ? I keep getting different opinions on this question and feel frustrated.



The answer has a lot to do with coat type and life style. Show PONS require more baths than pets who spend most of their time at home. Consult your breeder for the best answer to this question. 


What kind of grooming should take place at home before attending a show ?



Major grooming such as bathing, nail trimming and teeth cleaning should be done at home.


Are all PONS born with the same length tail ? There are conflicting reports on this topic.


PONS are born with varying tail lengths and in fact, some are born completely without tails.




 I would like to compare information and advice on PON diets with other owners. Do you have suggestions as to how to do this ?


Please join the PON diet and nutrition list on the front page of this publication.





PON Facts

A major fault is shy or timid temperament. Have your PON evaluated for thyroid problems if you notice such behavior.